Wednesday, October 21, 2009

my own holiday!

if i could come up with my own holiday,it would be............NO SCHOOL FOR NO REASON!!!! i totally dislike school with a hardcore passion. when monday comes, i wish it was Friday during 1st hour. i'm really good at school, like i understand everything pretty quickly but i find it so boring. there are too many rules. last year we could have cell phones and now we can't. i still do. lol and the teachers play favorites all the time. i'm not saying all the teachers do but most of them do. it's not fair, and i totally believe this school is racist. i know i shouldn't say that but it's how i feel. i'm not saying everybody in my school is, but mostly everybody. ive gotten into a couple brawls because i'm a Native American. so, for my holiday i'd have no school for no reason. it would be like 4 times a month too. not on the same day. i'd do this kind of holiday just to give kids a break. i think that they need it. everybody needs a vacation, us kids can only take so much.

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jazzy said...

School is like boring they need to like figure out a way to make it like more interesting and fun so some people can like actually focus you know. HAHA !! Half the time Im like the only one who cant focus but hey o well you know