Monday, November 2, 2009

postive digital footprint

my digital footprint wouldn't be that big. I'm hardly ever on the Internet. if i am, it's for school or to look something up. i don't go on my space or face book or anything like that. i have an email but i rarely ever check it. i have some bad things people could probably find on the Internet. nothing that would send me to jail or something like that. nothing that bad, enough to get yelled at for though. i looked myself up on the Internet and nothing came up about me. it was the stone and a bunch of other girls that had my name. there's a lot of me in this world. there's like 4 other me's that live around me, and a bunch around the United States. nobody is really responsible for showing me to be Internet savvy. people can show me but it's really only a matter of common sense. when people ask me for info on websites i give them my name and email address. that's it. there's no way in my right mind i would give them anything else. if people were to find me, it would be on other people's profiles. there's a bunch of people's profiles that give me away. you can't find me directly, you would have to go through a bunch of other people.

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