Monday, February 22, 2010

My Writing.

Somethings that I think have changed in my writing is my word choice. I use more superior words to explain, instead of using the same word over and over. I can make something so small and turnvit into something big. I can make a story come to life. I like my writing, I think I write very well. I think I could make it as a writer but that's not what I want to be. The problems I have when it comes to writing is dialogue. I give very poor dialogue, I do better with imagery. I also have a problem with literary elements, i can never pick them out of a story; muchless come up with them on my own. I like to write, I do a very god job. I am very good at writing, but it's not my passion and I think that's why I never do as well as I could if I really tried.

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