Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shape collage!!

I chose these pictures because it shows that in the book Everest, this blind guy, Erik Weihenmayer found love, had a baby and climbed the mountain. shows he was determined and he summitted the mountain. Also shows that how ever hard you work, whether you can see or not. You can make your dreams come true. The tones of this book was determination, love, passion, and glory. Determination comes into play because he wanted to climb Mount Everest and also becasue he found someone who loved him because he of who he was and not because he was blind. Loves plays a role because he fell in love. When he decided he was going to climb the mountain, he was going to be away from his family for 6 months. His wife loved him enough to let him climb that mountain and make his dreams come true. Passion takes part because he loves to climb mountains and he climbed just about every mountain. Glory comes from summitting the mountain.

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