Thursday, December 10, 2009

tarantula or wasp? hmm.....toughie!!

I would prefer not studying either animals. YUCK!! I thinkk they are both gross. I don't like the tarantula because they look spooky. They give me te creepie crawlies. Plus, they bite. That's what the article said on the national geographic website. IT SAID THEY ARE HARMLESS TO HUMANS EXCEPT FOR THEIR PAINFUL BITE.It shows a pic of them and it looks so ugly. ewwa.

I wouldn't like the wasp either because it hurts to get stung and I don't like pain. The article said that the sting is not severe but the reactions differ with the individual. The article also said that they only sting when they are handled or threatened. ummm......WE WOULD BE STUDYING THEM, SO WE WILL GET STUNG....ya, not cool man.

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