Monday, January 4, 2010

Vacation.....missed so very much!! :(

when I was on vacation, I went sledding all day, pretty much all day. I went with Greg, Amelia, Raquel, and Gabe. We would go sledding all over. We went to Fireman's hill, Norbert hill, and Lombardi. We also went to the Appleton mall and took old time photos. They were great. It was so much fun, although I had to pay like 200 dollars. Me and Greg went to my cousin Larissa's house for New Year's and played Rockband. My cousin aaron punched this kid and threw im into a wall and busted up the wall. I laughed. Then my car broke down. My uncle was putting new brakes on and my back right brake broke, I was so peeved. So, now i have to buy a new cylinder and that costs 500 dollars to fix. I don't have that money so i don't know what to do. I got a lot of stuiff for Christmas. I had an awesome Christmas. I got to see all my family and had a lot to eat.

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