Friday, April 23, 2010

5 awesome bloggers yo!!

One of the people I chose to be awarded that award or whatever is Leilan. She seems like a very good writer and expresses her ideas in an inspirational way. She is proud of her ideas and if you don't like them, she is okay with that. She comes off as a very understanding person.

Daredevil 19's blog is pretty cool as well. He is very down to earth. He made cookies with his reading buddy and talked to his grandmother throught the telephone. He helps his parent's with their work and has a post up everyday. He seems very dedicated to blogging everyday.

Hilary is a also a very good blogger. She keeps upw ith her blogs and is very passionate. She doesn't just write a couple sentences and that's it. She writes paragraphs and explains why she thinks what she does.

Abbey is a very passionate writer. She writes about going green and things people can do to help save the world. She expresses her ideas and if you don't like them, comment on them and let her know how you feel and she'll talk to you about your ideas and hers as well.

Kelsey is a very good typer. She writes about what she is supposed to write about and seems to be on task. She expresses her ideas and keeps up with every blog. She seems to be very open minded.

This was for the blogging challenge.

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